Christian News is a newspaper that covers current news telling what is happening in the theological world and secular arena and how it can affect your church and your life.

Christian News is not an official organ of any church-body, but an independent publication designed to supply rank and file Christians with information needed to face the present crisis in Christendom.

Christian News is not a doctrinally neutral observer, but is committed to the full historic Christian faith, as it is authoritatively revealed in the written Word of God, the Holy Scriptures, and correctly set forth in the Confessions of the Orthodox Church to wit, the Book of Concord in 1580.


In Christian News you will find news, commentary, devotions, book reviews, and books, video and audio for sale. They will all support historic Christianity, Biblical Missions, and true Christian unity.

"Of all the religious papers and publications I receive, I rank Christian News among the finest. Herman Otten is an apologist of our time the like of which is difficult to find" (Editor, Guidelines For Today).

"Christian News is a religious weekly unlike any other in the world. Crammed with news articles, columns of comment, and book reviews photo-reproduced, as well as much original material, this Lutheran paper has the polemical fervor of a lost age of religious controversy." "Otten is largely ecumenical by adhering to an ecumenical thing" (National Catholic Register).

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Lutherís Small Catechism

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List Price: $12.50
Our Price: $12.50
Luther’s Small Catechism
Luther’s Small Catechism with questions and answers in the An American Translation of the Bible text.
Lutherís Small Catechism
Lutherís Small Catechism with questions and answers in the An American Translation of the Bible text.

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Crisis in Christendom Seminex Ablaze By Herman Ott
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Salt, Light and Signs of the Times by R.W. Stelzer
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Christian News Encyclopedia - Volumes 1-5
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Pass the Salt by J.B. Romnes
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Baal or God by Herman J. Otten, Ed.
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Bonhoeffer and King, Herman Otten, Editor
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Lutheranism - From Wittenberg to the USA, Clement
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And she was a Christian, by Peter Preus
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The Christ of the Gospels, by William F. Beck
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The Formula of Concord / The Doctrine of Election
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