Foster and encourage solid historical preaching of God's Word through composing, writing, printing, publishing, selling and delivering of a newspaper and books to further God's Word.


Christian News efforts to advance its mission statement:  Proclaiming faith in the saving merits of Jesus Christ as the only way to heaven.  Emphasizing that the Holy Trinity is the only God who exists.  Exposing the Universalism which has taken over most major denominations.  Defending the inerrancy of Holy Scripture and opposing the destructive higher critical notions of the Bible promoted by liberal scholars.


Promote a Twenty-First Century Reformation because the major have departed further from God's Word than Rome did 500 years ago at the first Reformation.

The editor has been the pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, New Haven, MO since 1958.  He received his elementary education in the public schools of New York.  He is a graduate of Concordia Prep and Concordia Junior College, Bronxville NY.  In 1957 he graduated from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO with a Master of Divinity and Washington University with a Master of Arts in history.  In 1958 he received a Master in Sacred Theology from Concordia Seminary.  He also took a few graduate courses at Columbia University in NY and the University of Rochester.  Since 1962 he has edited Christian News, a weekly newspaper with readers in all 50 states and many foreign countries.  He is the author of several books and is the co-editor of An American Translation of the Bible by Dr. William Beck.  He has lectured widely throughout the U.S.  He is married to the former Grace Anderson a Deaconess and graduate of Valparaiso University 1960.  They have 7 children all whom have college degrees and are active in their local Lutheran Churches. 

CHRISTIAN NEWS is not an official organ of any church-body, but an independent publication designed to supply rank and file Christians with information needed to face the present crisis in Christendom.

CHRISTIAN NEWS is not a doctrinally neutral observer, but is committed to the full historic Christian faith, as it is authoritatively revealed in the written Word of God, the Holy Scriptures, and correctly set forth in the Confessions of the orthodox Church to wit, the Book of Concord in 1580.

CHRISTIAN NEWS is therefore unalterably opposed to the various fashionable "theological" systems which sacrifice the supernatural mysteries of the Christian Faith to the proletarian prejudices of "Modern Man’s" computerized mentality. CHRISTIAN NEWS holds that the continued use of Christian words and phrases, and the lip-service paid to "the Scriptures and the Confessions" by the practitioners of this new anti-Christian "theology" are totally dishonest and hypocritical.

Given the radical, indeed mortal nature of the doctrinal conflict and the need to reach and undeceive millions of rank and file Christians who have no idea of the fate being prepared for their churches under cover of pious-sounding slogans and platitudes, strong straight forward, and sustained criticism is to be expected. Those who decry this as "negativism" either do not understand the gravity of the crisis or are themselves in league with the enemy. Scripture is extremely "negative" whenever it deals with apostasy and hypocrisy! And these are dominant features of modern church life.

The writers of CHRISTIAN NEWS claim no sort of infallibility for themselves. They therefore invite readers to notify them of any errors of fact, judgment, or theology, which may occur from time to time, so that suitable corrections may be made.


HISTORY OF Lutheran News, Inc.
The first issue was published Dec. 15, 1962 a mimeographed 8 page newspaper.  We then progressed to a sheet fed press for 2 issues and February 1963 we had found a printer with a new "cold type" press.  They gave a very reasonable quote and the first issue with the Missourian Publishing Company was February 25, 1963.  They are still our printer.  January 1, 1968 we changed the name of the paper to Christian News in order to broaden our base, but we did not change our purpose.  Lutheran News, Inc. continues to be the parent company that publishes Christian News, An American Translation of the Holy Bible, and other religious materials.


Foster and encourage solid historical preaching of God's Word through composing,
writing, printing, publishing, selling and delivering of a newspaper and books to further God's Word.