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Communism and Socialism  CFW Walther - That our American people may be enabled the better to understand the true character of Communism, that they may see its blackness in the light of God’s Word, that they may be warned against its dreadful infl. . . A Forty Year Battle for Free Speech
By Herman Otten
In this 56 page pamphlet detailed information is given about the Concordia Seminary, St. Louis v. Otten case which held in question the right of freedom of speech. Servant Captains - For the Good  Ship Missouri
Communism and Socialism, CFW Walther
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What Makes Good Culture? (set of 10) Bonhoeffer and King - Their Life and Theology Documented in Christian News, 1963-2011
A compilation of articles on Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Luther King, Jr., which appeared in Christian News from 1963-2011. Vol X - Marquart's Works - Person, 21st Century Formula of Concord
What Makes Good Culture? (set of 10)
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Hermann Sasse Dr. Martin Luther 1483-1546 Love Him For Us
Missing Letters to Lutheran Pastors, Hermann Sasse
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Dr. Martin Luther 1483-1546
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Love Him For Us
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The Christian’s Travel Guide to World History

“This book is the product of a lifetime of advanced study in both secular and theological fields, including actual travel to the lands of the Bible and the Reformation. Concordia Seminary vs. Otten Case
By Kurt Marquart
Some 20 years, before most of those today considered to be the great champions for orthodoxy in the LCMS and primarily responsible for the conservative victory in the LCMS’s great “Battle for the Bible
The Christian's Travel Guide to World History
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Concordia Seminary vs. Otten Case by Kurt Marquart
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