One Man to Beat

One Man to Beat

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When Nathan Metcalf's dad istransferred from a U.S. Airforce base in Cheyenne, Wyoming, to faraway Gimli, Manitoba,Nathan's skills as a hockey player bring some big surprises to his life. To topit off, a big public school in a foreign country is a lot different than thesmall private school Nathan is used to, and he quickly discovers that adversariesat school can be even more dangerous than opponents on the ice.

The last thing Nathan everexpects to encounter is trouble withthe police, and it seems that the onlyway to prove hisinnocenceis to give away a friend's secret and expose the friend to danger. If Nathankeeps his word, it could mean being expelled from school and being suspendedfrom playing in the championship game. In the end, he discovers that the wisdomhe was taught at home and at school actually works; and that there's a lot moreto wisdom than simply being intelligent.


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