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Vol IV - Marquart's Works - Apologetics

Vol IV - Marquart's Works - Apologetics

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Some of the essays included are:
"The Case Against Evolution"; "Evolution: Some Serious Theoretical Flaws"; "From Paley To Darwin"; "Evolution Coming In The LCMS"; "Dr. Kurt Marquart Presentation 'Evolution As Voodoo'"; "The Trees, The Forest, And Professor Huber"; "Christianity And Freemasonry"; "Profumigation"; "From Luther To Kierkegaard"; "Marquart On Francis Schaeffer"; "Sanctifying An Unholy Cause"; "Marquart: St. Louis Seminary Lost Case Vs. Otten"; "First Amendment Immunity"; "LLL Leaders Select Weisheit To Be Banquet Speaker"; "Stop CPH From Publishing Pro-Abortion Book": "Killing With Kindness"; "Kurt Marquart Answers Wayne Saffen"; "Marquart Letter In October Reporter"; "Kieschnick vs. Marquart"; "Kurt Marquart For President/Kurt In Africa"; "Jesus First Responds To Crisis At The Crossroads Video"; "The Question Of Procedure In Theological Controversies"; "Grave Misgivings - Woman's Suffrage In The Church"


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