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What is the Gospel? It Is Finished

What is the Gospel? It Is Finished

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What Is the Gospel? It Is Finished, by John M. Drickamer

What Is the Gospel? was first published in 1990. The reprint of this publicationprovides pastor and layman alike with a fresh and refreshing approach to thesummary of the Christian faith. One receives the immediate impression from the beginningof this small volume that it is written by a pastor who, by God's Word andwork, has been faithfully tending the Master's flock entrusted to him. What Is theGospel? answers the question of its title in a manner easy to understand andwhich is consistent with the orthodox and Confessional Lutheran faith.

The author's creative style anddefinitive approach serve to convey the most edifying reason to obtain a copy:its evangelical content. A clear distinction is made between Law and Gospelthroughout this entire work. Each illustration and metaphor is clearlysupported by Scriptural references. The proclamation of Christ crucified andrisen from the dead is the substance and goal of What Is the Gospel? Thepreservation of God's Word, every word, is upheld as God's safeguard that wemay ever be able to give a truth-filled and faithful answer when asked,"What is the Gospel?"


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